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25 New Firefighters Join Minnesota Fire Service; Contact Your Local Department to Volunteer​

Twenty-five new firefighters will be joining nine different metro-area fire departments in the coming weeks. 

The volunteer firefighters graduated earlier this month from the five-month Anoka County Fire Training Academy. Our own Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Jim Smith was honored to be there to welcome the recruits to the fire service.   

Most of Minnesota’s 750-plus fire departments are staffed by volunteers. Contact your local department if you’re interested in becoming a firefighter.


​BCA Hosts DNA Collection Opportunities for Families of Missing Persons

​As part of its effort to learn the identities of approximately 100 sets of unidentified human remains known to exist in Minnesota, the BCA is hosting a series of DNA collection opportunities for family members of missing persons.

BCA Deputy Superintendent Catherine Knutson shows a swab during a news conference.Collection opportunities have taken place in St. Paul, Duluth and Bemidji. Another opportunity on July 27 will take place in Mankato.

Family members would bring information about their missing relative (name, DOB, dental records, information about their disappearance, and any available items which may contain the missing person's DNA like baby teeth, toothbrushes, etc.).

DNA from a cheek swab taken from the family member will be compared for a possible match with DNA profiles from unidentified remains.

Learn more about collection dates and this ongoing effort.

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Video Description: To help motorists understand that speeding can be the difference between life and death, the State Patrol demonstrated how long it takes to stop while traveling at different speeds.